How to Make Origami Plane

This is another origami paper airplane model. This is one variation of the models. You could find more in this website. Turkish section started before English section for this reason you could find more in Turkish section. Turkish and English section will be equal 2014 summer.

How to make origami crane

Crane is one of the most popular model in origami. Japanese believes if someone make one thousand paper crane,  his wish will be real.First you start with square paper, after that make bird base and it is easy. (Some people know this as a swan, but it is crane in Japanese culture. This is my first video and it is very bad.)


How to make 3d origami crane


It has more than 600 modules and it is great for origami beginners. It is easy to build, but it takes too much time to make modules. It is perfect gift if you have somebody to love or respect. It takes nearly 24 hours finish my first time in this model. After that i changed to model add some colorful parts also changed tail. You can create your own models to way you like. This way also known as Chinese Origami. Unite little pieces and make bigger model.