How to make a Classic Origami Frog


it is classical origami frog model not jumping frog. (origami jumping frog another model you can find video via search). i made this video because some animal figures will be good for website image. good luck have fun. if you want some tutorials, don’t forget to write me


How to Make Origami Pentagonal Box


origami pentagonal box is a good bowl or cup for candies. i use this for garbage basket. you can find another usage alternatives.

How to divide into thirds

Sometimes people need to fold a square paper to one thirds, but there in no ruler. At that moment you can fold it some origami skills and knowledge. Start with a square folded in half.

Fold the bottom right corner to the top center(1).

Turn over(2).

Fold the top right corner to where the two raw edges meet(3).


The paper is in one third and two thirds(5).

Tthis is the way how to divide into thirds.

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